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Welcome to Actors Housing Actors.

A new platform where actors can find housing in other parts of the world when they have projects outside of their local residency. 

This is designed for actors to help other actors, so you can be a LOCAL HIRE anywhere in the world.

How it works...

AHA is a MEMBERS ONLY service provided EXCLUSIVELY for performers all over the world to share safe and sanitary housing with fellow members. With a membership to AHA, performers will be able to acquire FREE housing while filming on location, allowing talent to book jobs outside of local markets.


While similar to other house-sharing platforms, AHA is exclusively for those in the entertainment industry when housing is not included in bookings.


To participate in AHA, you will need to provide your residence to fellow members at your discretion. Every member in the program will be thoroughly vetted and all homes will require an onsite inspection from an official AHA representative.


To be considered for membership, all individuals are required to complete a membership application with a one time non-refundable processing fee of $150.

Grey Bed with Quilt


Once approved for membership, AHA members will have complete control of their online profile (i.e. dates available/unavailable, length of stays, etc.). All AHA member listings have a review page about members experiences.


To ensure equal occupancy, all members must make their residence available for a duration equal to the number of times they use the service during their membership period. 

*AHA provides specific FAMILY-FRIENDLY SHARED HOUSING to all youth actors with accompanied parents/guardian(s). 

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